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What do you get when you take a group of highly motivated filmmakers and mix them in with some talented actors, some high-profile community groups, a veteran writer/director, and a movie script designed for some good, clean family fun with a strong environmental message? You get TURKLES, an environmental, mystery-comedy for eight-twelve year olds and their parents, that’s what!

TURKLES tells the tale of a group of eighth grade science geeks at the fictitious Camp Loggerhead who team up to solve the mystery of who is stealing turtle eggs. The bad guys are straight out of “the gang that couldn’t shoot straight”. It doesn’t take long for the clever kids to catch the clueless culprits portrayed by BRIFT actors Steve Cohen, Tim Lawrence, Jim Lynch, and Tim Cook.

The feature-length movie is the result of the work of long-time Palm Beach County filmmaker, Frank Eberling, who teamed up with five motivated producers, actors from THE BURT REYNOLDS’ INSTITUTE FOR FILM & THEATRE, crew members from PALM BEACH COMMUNITY COLLEGE, local high schools, STARS Mission International and assistance from the LOGGERHEAD MARINELIFE CENTER in Juno Beach.

Eberling, who has produced about 100 documentaries for Florida PBS stations, conceived of the idea after shooting several news stories about Loggerhead egg poaching, when he was a television reporter in the 1970s. As a father, he always looked for films that were entertaining to children and would keep his attention, as well. The result is a script designed to entertain the kids and provide some sound environmental information, while making adult audiences laugh at the silliness and ineptitude of the bad guys.

According to Eberling, it’s truly a grass-roots’ community effort, with local businesses providing meals for the cast and crew, and the County Film Office processing permits to shoot on local beaches and parks. Night shooting was problematic, since you cannot use lights near the beach during nesting season. Alternate, “fake beaches” along the Intracoastal had to be located and permitted. Sr. Producers, Chel and Rob Tassey are designing a viral marketing campaign for distribution. Sr. Producer Kim Stryker serves as liaison with Screen Actors Guild, FFWC and other agencies. They, along with Sr. Producers Christy Lee Taylor and Barbara Lee are securing donations, investments and distribution offers, shooting schedule, props, wardrobe, locations, logistics, and call sheets.

The two lead characters are portrayed by Haley Sicard of Stuart, and Noah Centineo, of Boynton Beach. Along with almost fifty other ten-thirteen year olds, they spent several weeks on Juno and Jupiter beaches portraying counselors and campers at Camp Loggerhead. TURKLES article for Amanda Schumacher, by Frank Eberling 2

Many adult actors in the cast will be familiar to viewers, including Maddy Curley, star of the feature film, STICK IT, and COLD CASE on CBS. Other adult actors include Rob Tassey, Margaret Luce, Avery Sommers, Natasha Sherritt, Andrea Conte and Christy Lee Taylor.

Everyone has been asking about the significance of the name “Turkles”. Ten year-old Charlie Schumacher portrays “Izzy,” a near mute child unable to pronounce the word “Turtles,” and it comes out “TURKLES.”

“Saving the Planet, one TURKLE at a time.”
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Spoiler Alert: “Turkles” may steal your heart.