Addiction & Substance Abuse


Tree of Life Foundation International has the passion to help people overcome addiction and discover a new meaning, satisfaction and direction in their lives.Giving them the opportunity to rigorously pursue a path to success by achieving sobriety, life skills, productivity, mentally and physically well being.Tree of Life Foundation International works directly with the Tree of Life Center, a Faith based organization for men.

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CARP, Inc – Robert Needle

The Tree of Life Foundation International hosted two Fundraisers at the Palm Beach Yacht Club and Fisher Island Resort in Miami Beach, aboard Family Affair Yacht, hosted by Chuck and Amanda Schumacher.

Proceeds helped organizations that make a difference in the lives of people struggling to make a better life for themselves and their families. The philanthropy Branch of the Tree of Life Foundation provides resources and connections to benefit those in need.

Faith Farm Ministries located in Boynton Beach, Florida was the recipient for both events. Faith Farm Ministries began in 1951 as a rescue mission where homeless and addicted men in the streets of Ft. Lauderdale could find a safe and loving place with “3 hots and a cot”.

Since then, Faith Farm has evolved into a free, faith-based, long term, residential recovery program with 445 beds for men and women who struggle with alcohol and/or drug addiction. There are 3 campuses in south Florida with over 1,650 acres. Although each campus has a church, a thrift store, live-on staff of pastors, teachers and counselors, common curriculum and work training programs, the similarities stop there. Each campus is quite unique and features its own micro-enterprise initiatives.

Among great people and organizations the Tree of Life Foundation International did welcome, Ron and Clarice Holden founder of Widow’s  Mite, Michelle Headley on the board of Humane Society of Greater Miami, Johan Sturn with Animated Family Films and Mark koch with Prelude Worldwide Ministries with years of experience in Film industries,  Ajit Datwani from Beverly Rose Women’s Apparel, Brian Schutz, Nancy Olson, Judie Gibson from the Florida Marlins community  Foundation, Patrick Flynn with Palm Beach Theater Guild in Palm Beach, Tina Cornely, Kathleen Murphy, Katya Hernandez, Jorge Uribe with Friends of the Orphans.


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