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Tree of Life Foundation International supports nonprofit organizations dedicated to rescue and protect the animals. Working with committed organizations and volunteers we were able to help and save hundreds of animals, provide them with loving temporary care and find them well-matched habitat and forever homes.

Tree of Life Foundation Purchased and Saved Two Rhinos With Dinner Fundraiser in Palm Beach

Tree of Life Foundation Animal branch is supporting the Rhinos, and we are very proud to be a part of and to support the wonderful Zulu Nyala Group. Trevor Shaw is the owner and Founder of the Zulu Nyala and a member of the Prestigious Explorers Club in New York, member of the Diamond Club of South Africa for 45 years and is also active in the jewelry business for the past 49 years on a wholesale level. Over the past 33 years, Mr. Trevor Shaw has owned 3 major game reserves in South Africa and has been actively and personally involved in Rhino Conservation and shares a great love and passion towards these beautiful animals.

Below is a link to the video showing the arrival and the release of the gorgeous breeding female rhino and her female calf that Tree of Life Foundation International generously contributed towards. We were most fortunate to video and photograph this special moment with Mr. Shaw. It was extremely moving and an honor to be associated with the experience. We certainly hope that you enjoy the short video, we would really appreciate hearing your feedback.

As you may be aware the Rhino population in Africa is facing a serious threat and Rhinos are well on their way to becoming an endangered species. Three to four Rhino are being poached per day in Africa and very soon this timid and passive creature will be extinct if nothing is done to aid in the protection and stabilization of the Rhino population.

Zulu Nyala has set up a Rhino Conservation Project Fund. The intention of the project is to acquire Rhino breeding stock, utilizing monies/funds donated to the project so that we are able to increase and stabilize the population of these beautiful animals a secure and nurturing environment whilst under our care at Zulu Nyala Private Game Reserve. Two of the Zulu Nyala lodges (Zulu Nyala Safari Game Lodge and Zulu Nyala Heritage Safari Lodge) is situated near Hluhluwe which is found in the province called Kwa-Zulu Natal, on the North Eastern side of South Africa in close proximity to the Indian Ocean.

The Tree of Life Foundation International and Zulu Nyala Group extend a heartfelt appeal to all like-minded nature lovers like yourselves to make a contribution to this Fund with the purpose of making this project a success.

Should you kindly choose to contribute to this project the Tree of Life Foundation and the Zulu Nyala assure you that NOT one cent from this Fund will be used for any administrated purpose or otherwise. 100% of your contribution will be used to purchase Rhino breeding stock. We already boast a beautiful herd of Rhinos on the Zulu Nyala Private Game Reserve and our short-term goal is to add three more breeding cows.

Zulu Nyala will take full responsibility for the upkeep, maintenance, veterinary cost and security of these Rhinos once they have been released on Zulu Nyala Private Game Reserve. Lloyds of London and SATIB Insurance companies will ensure 100% replacement of each Rhino in the event that any misfortunate should befall one of them. Each Rhino will be notched and microchipped so they are able to identify and track each Rhino individually. They are presently able to provide 24 hours surveillance and security for the Rhinos population with the help of the onsite anti-poaching patrol unit.

If you wish to contribute to this worthy mission please make checks payable to the Tree of Life Foundation International.
Donations made by Pay Pal please visit our donation page and click on the Animal branch.

On behalf of myself, Tree of Life Foundation and Zulu Nyala I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and hope that together we’ll work hand in hand to ensure our children and grandchildren will one day still be able to see these beautiful rhinos roam free, protected and once again on the increase.

The Rhino Crisis video can be viewed at

Tree of Life Foundation International & Zulu Nyala Rhino Release – May 24, 2015 – YouTube Video:

Mission Accomplished – 83 Elephants Safely Rescued in Malawi

Tree of Life Foundation International is proud to announce the adoption of an elephant. Supporting IFAW with monthly monetary donations to keep our elephants safe.

(Cape Town, South Africa – 06 July 2009) A mammoth evacuation of 83 elephants was successfully concluded in Malawi this weekend.

The elephants were moved by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW – to save them from persecution by local villagers trying to protect their crops and livelihoods from the animals.

“This is a victory for both elephants and people – they have been engaged in a battle that has seen elephants cruelly wounded and killed, and many local people killed as well,” said Jason Bell-Leask, Director Southern Africa for IFAW.

“Moving the elephants was, without argument, the only solution to a terrible situation for both the elephants and the community.”

The translocation of the free-roaming herd of elephants from Mangochi District, just south of Lake Malawi to Majete Wildlife Reserve – both in Malawi – began on June 8 and concluded on July 4. A total of 83 elephants were moved.

Bell-Leask said that, of the 14 groups of elephants captured and relocated 12 of the groups included individuals that had suffered injuries caused by human intervention – seven of the elephants had trunk amputations caused by snares, one had a deformed foot from a gin trap injury, actual snares had to be removed from three of the elephants, one elephant was blind in one eye from a gunshot wound, and a number of others bore scars from bullet wounds and snares.

The effort to translocate the elephants began on 08 June 2009 and the last elephants were caught on Saturday 4th July. All the elephants were moved safely and without incident, and released into Majete Wildlife Reserve, which is formally protected and offers the elephants a safe, secure home for the long-term.

“The relocation of these elephants is a real victory for animal welfare, and proof that it’s not necessary to solve issues of human-wildlife conflict down the barrel of a gun,” said Bell-Leask.

“IFAW partnered with the government of Malawi on this epic project to move the elephants from otherwise certain death. We believe the Malawi government has set an example for taking an ethical approach to elephant management practices – one that all governments facing challenges of human-wildlife conflict should consider.”

IFAW remains dedicated to focusing on regional conservation efforts such as trans-boundary wildlife linkages to preempt human-wildlife conflict situations similar to that which has existed in Phirilongwe.

For more information on the translocation, please visit

About the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

As one of the world’s leading animal welfare organization’s, IFAW has representation in 16 countries and carries out its animal welfare work in more than 40. IFAW works from its global headquarters in the United States and focuses its campaigns on improving the welfare of wild and domestic animals by reducing the commercial exploitation of animals, protecting wildlife habitats, and assisting animals in distress. IFAW works both on the ground and in the halls of government to safeguard wild and domestic animals and seeks to motivate the public to prevent cruelty to animals and to promote animal welfare and conservation policies that advance the well-being of both animals and people.

To find out how you can help please contact the Tree of Life Foundation International or make a donation to our Animal Branch.


Humane Society of Greater Miami- Michelle Headley
Palm Beach Zoo- Terry Maple M.D.
Peggy Adams Rescue League- David Miller
IFAW- J Roberton MacColl IV
The Roar Foundation Shambala Preserve- Tippi Hedren


Together we can Save our Rhinos


Tree of Life Foundation International is a Global fundraising organization that connects the gifts, talents, and resources of individuals and worldwide organizations. The Foundation raises national and international awareness of the Global crisis and fills the needs of the people, defend animals and protect the environment.

Tree of Life Foundation International is making a powerful impact and difference in filling
 the needs of local, national and International communities, through a network of twenty-two branches. The branches include Addiction and Substance Abuse, Ambassador, Animals, Arts, Clothing, Energy, Education, Environment, Food, Global Challenges, Homeless, Housing, Human Rights, Logistics, Media, Medical, Orphanage, Philanthropist, Professionals, Science and Technology, Sports and volunteers.

Working with committed organizations and volunteers we were able to save hundreds 
of animals, provide them with loving care and find them well-matched habitat and forever homes. Tree of Life Foundation supported Our Horn is NOT Medicine Campaign along with philanthropists Helen and Helena Guest to help save the Rhinos. Our Horn is NOT medicine campaign is creating Awareness and educating the public on the plight of South Africa’s Rhino.

What is Happening to the Rhinos


Criminal gangs have infiltrated the sale of rhino horns and are often recruiting poor villagers in African communities to kill rhinos and take their horns. The villagers or gang members will sneak into a game reserve and then dart the rhino to tranquilize it. After the rhino passes out, they hack the horn off the face of the rhino and take it to sell to their boss. The rhino will then wake up and slowly bleed to death.

What is a rhino horn made of and why is it desired? A rhino horn is made up of keratin (the same substance that makes up our fingernails). Somehow, the myth has spread that a rhino horn could possibly cure certain diseases, but it has been scientifically proven that a rhino’s horn will not heal you any more than chewing on your own fingernails!

Last year, over one thousand rhinos were poached in South Africa alone (that is one-twentieth of the rhino population there). In fact, poaching incidents are steadily increasing in South Africa to the point that the number of rhinos killed is almost above the number of rhinos born. The point that deaths outweigh births is called the “tipping point’ and is the point at which the population begins to be unable to recover itself successfully. We are nearly at that point now. Experts are warning that if we don’t turn the situation around, rhinos will be extinct in the wild within 10 years time.

Our Horn is NOT Medicine was founded by Lee-Anne Davis on January 12, 2012. Lee-Anne is a field ranger based at Ngala Tented Camp, a private concession within the Kruger National Park in South Africa, and has been working for AndBeyond Safaris for the last four and a half years. The Kruger National Park hosts most of the world’s rhino population, and thus it has been hit hardest by the poaching crisis. After a handful of encounters with poached rhinos, Lee-Anne had a need to take action and educate the world about the slaughter that was taking place.

Education, protection, and relocation are what we believe are the vital components to the survival of the rhino species. This three-pronged approach is how we believe we will win the war on poaching. They support Africa Foundation and Rhinos without borders projects.

Our Horn is NOT medicine Campaign is very grateful for the generous support of
 the Palm Beach residents. The funds raised in Palm Beach was handover to the Botswana APU in the Okavango Delta Anti-poaching team who are manning the area that the 100 rhinos will be moved too. They have so far moved 6 into the area. To know more about the projects and to make a donation please visit our website at Tree of Life Foundation International gives out 100% of all funds received to the community and organizations.


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