The Founder

Amanda Schumacher is the Founder and CEO of the Tree of Life Foundation International a non-profit organization with the mission and vision of supporting organizations locally, nationally and internationally by providing resources, donations, gifts and talents.

When Amanda was in her early 20’s, she was inspired by her mother, Helen Messic-Ross. When she heard that her mother was gathering resources to build a Hospice in Palm Beach County, it motivated her to make a difference as a Hospice Volunteer in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For the last 15 years, Amanda is part of the Palm Beach Membership Board of Hospice Foundation of Palm Beach County. She started helping the homeless and other causes 20 years ago, that was what propelled her to start the organization, but it was God that played a major role in the creation of the Tree of Life Foundation International.

She wanted to set an example for her family, husband Charles Schumacher and her five children when she founded the Tree of Life Foundation International in 2006. Amanda is actively involved with many non-profit organizations in the United States and internationally. She serves on the Hospice Guild of Palm Beach. She is also the President at the Tree of Life Center, Inc., and Founder of Gathering the Nations.

Amanda also founded the Women’s Faith Forum, and The United Global Youth Leaders which was created to encourage the youth to become active volunteers in the world around them.

In 2008 she spear-headed the Haiti Heard from the Heart campaign helping the second most impoverished country in the world fight one of the biggest tragedy the country has suffered.

Amanda honors organizations and individuals annually by presenting them with the Global Heart Awards. The Global Heart Awards is an evening of caring and unity in the local community.

“It’s about my heart, my passion but it’s truly about the gifts and talents of others.” Amanda said.

Amanda devotes her time to family and philanthropy. The family resides in Palm Beach Island.