Tree Of Life Center


Tree of Life Center, Inc. is 501(C )(3) restoration house for men, providing housing, food, clothing, medical, education and work to those in need, helping rehabilitate and restore lives that has been destroyed by drugs, alcohol addiction and homelessness. Our program is offered to men from every race, culture, and socio-economic level. Men who are accepted into the program must have a desire to change their lives and follow the Center’s guidelines. The Tree of Life Center’s 12 month residential program includes the following:

  • Individual & Group Counseling
  • Spiritual Guidance, Prayer & Bible studies
  • Job Training
  • Computer Training Skills
  • Free G.E.D. Classes


  • Recover lives that have been lost to addiction
  • Restore broken families
  • Provide leadership development
  • Establish independent living

The Tree of Life Center Offers:

  • Free G.E.D. classes, job counseling, coaching and leadership development classes, computer training skills, and resume writing to help the men lead successful lives in the community.
  • The Tree of Life Enterprise Services is a branch that includes lawn maintenance, tree trimming, painting, pressure cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, electrical, hauling/moving and in the future, a thrift store.

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Tree of Life Center brings hope to the hopeless. Each individual is important in the eyes of God and to humanity. The Tree of Life Center bases its programs on Godly principles. Its services are empowered by prayer. The Tree of Life Center seeks to implement programs that will serve as models for outreach in other communities.

Our Program

The 12 month long Recovery Program equips men with the hope, confidence and skills needed to live a substance-free and independent life. After completing the initial phase of the program, each resident is assisted in finding employment within the community. The men bring their own talent/ trade to the Center.

For more information on the Tree of Life Center please contact them directly at 561-655-2204