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Puresa Humanitarian India Mission 


The Tree of Life Foundation International, Inc. mission is to support and empower organizations with the same mission of protecting and advocating for the global community. Amanda Schumacher, founder of the Tree of Life Foundation International, Inc. and her team had the opportunity to travel to India in spring of 2019 to visit Puresa Humanitarian and witness first hand how the their support in collaboration with the organization is changing lives.

 The foundation’s team finally had the opportunity to meet the women and children whom have been supported through the financial support the foundation has been providing throughout these past years. It was an honor to meet all the women and children, they are sweet and kind and full of life. They are so  appreciative and grateful for their second chance in life. 

The team visited locations in different parts of India that included Kolkata, Maheshtala, West Bengal and the Red Light District. One of the locations the team visited was the site where a new building that will be a home to sixty women and children will be built, the land for this site was donated by The Tree of Life Foundation International, Inc. as well as enough funds to cover half of the costs to begin construction. The foundation is so proud of this incredible project and hope to see it’s progress soon.

The team visited a home that houses the older women who were homeless and have no family, these women worked their entire lives in the brothels as sex slaves. These women are very fragile and Puresa Humanitarian provides for them a home, love, counseling and medical services. 

The team also visited Puresa Humanitarians Job Center where women are already working and earning their monthly income. Puresa Humanitarian makes all organic cotton bags, t-shirts, soaps, skin care items and jewelry. Giving these women jobs to allow them the freedom to sustain and independent life.

The Red Light District was the last location our team visited and was with no doubt one of the most terrifying places our team has  ever been. This is a place where 10,000 women and children are trapped as sex slaves and there is no way for them to get out. Puresa Humanitarian works avidly in the Red Light District helping as many women as they can with medical care and trying to work around the pimps that control them but especially in rescuing the children that are born there to try and stop the vicious cycle of sex slavery.