About Us

The Tree of Life Foundation International is a 501 (C)(3) global initiative that advocates on behalf of the underserved. We connect gifts, talents and resources from individuals and worldwide organizations to the people and places who need them most. Each branch of our organization is supported through the unique visions of our founder, Amanda Schumacher, and our partners, who work together to raise awareness and relief efforts for those who are struggling, both domestically and abroad.

Tree of Life Foundation International powerfully impacts the needs of individuals and communities here in the U.S. and abroad through its dedicated areas of service and focus. Known as our “Branches”, Tree of Life Foundation International leverages its vast network of concerned volunteers and donors in the areas of Addiction and Substance Abuse, Ambassador, Animals, Arts, Clothing, Energy, Education, Environment, Food, Global Challenges, Homeless, Housing, Human Rights, Logistics, Media, Medical, Orphanage, Philanthropist, Professionals, Science and Technology, Sports and Volunteers.

To celebrate the achievements of organizations or individuals that have led transformational change connected to the twenty two branches, Tree of Life Foundation International presents an annual Global Heart Award at the national and international level. An Annual Global Summit promotes collaborative partnerships by connecting and highlighting individuals that serve as ambassadors, champions, or changemakers around the world.

Tree of Life Foundation International is proud to support the Tree of Life Center, located in West Palm Beach. Tree of Life Center is a restoration house for men providing housing, food, clothing, medical, education and work to those in need, helping rehabilitate and restore lives that has been destroyed by drugs, alcohol addiction and homelessness. Our program is offered to men from every race, culture, and socio-economic level. Men who are accepted into the program must have a desire to change their lives and follow the Center’s guidelines.

Strategic plans for the next phase of Tree of Life Foundation International’s impact include the establishment of Tree of Life Resource Centers (TLC) that provide structural bases of operations for those advocating and working to support the Branches efforts around the world. The Tree of Life Resource Centers will also inspire new visions and collaborative partnerships that grow and strengthen the Branches.

Tree of Life Foundation’s administrative and operating expenses are completely funded by the Schumacher Family Foundation. This allows Tree of Life Foundation to allocate 100% of all donations to the individuals and organizations supported by the Branches.